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We render solicitude, support and care.


Becoming demented can challenge the whole family, and that is why it requires competent and experienced nurses to render care and support in your home. Many who are suffering from dementia may be getting more medication, than they actually need. Here at  PrivateNurse, we know from experience, that when our focus lies with strengthening and substantiating the demented person’s already existing abilities, we can stimulate their senses. This will form calmness – to the demented as well as to the family. We believe that compassion from our professional private nurses to the demented will increase the quality and joy of life.

What can we add to the everyday picture?

A peaceful morning with fragrant and pleasant personal care. Cooking that will intensify all senses and create a desire to eat. Activities during the day, that match the life of the demented thus far. Movement and physical exercises. Word games and training numbers. Walks, reading aloud, conversations, and attempts to revive past memories. 

  • Competent and caring help from an experienced nurse
  • Few hours to 24-hour care
  • Pressure relief from partner
  • Training, conversations, care, and cooking
  • Your private nurse, when and where you need her

Do you want to get in contact with us?

Call or write to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and do everything we can to help.

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