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Private maternity nurse

The day you carry your newborn child in your arms, a whole new world opens up for you. This can feel very overwhelming for new parents, and for that reason, you may need some stillness, rest, time and presence of experienced maternity nurses.

At PrivateNurse, we can help you with precisely what your family needs. Our experienced maternity nurses can be with you before, during and after the childbirth, or perhaps fewer hours at a time. Some clients bring us with them to the delivery room. Some make use of our help once they get to the postnatal ward. Others need us to move in with them, to help them adapt to their settings at home again.

No task is insignificant, no task is too demanding. Here are some examples of what our maternity nurses can potentially be of help with:

Maternity care

Guidance for breastfeeding


Motor function, sleep, circadian rhythm

Care after caesarean section 


The child’s development

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