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Do you need private care?

– for yourself or a loved one?

Nursing care

Most people experience a time in their lives where they need care and compassion – for themselves or a loved one. For some parts, the help we are offered from the public and or municipal services will suffice – in others it won’t be adequate. This is when Yournurse can be of service to you, with help from professionally skilled, experienced and dedicated nurses. Yournurse can help you and your loved ones fight through diseases and other health related challenges e.g. as support and facilitation, with care before, during and after your hospitalization. This applies to rehabilitation programs, and times during the end when you simply want to be in your own home; also, during treatment- or recuperation courses. It too applies to paying visits, managing medication and fluid and nutrition therapy. Broadly speaking, everything you could need, from fewer hours to numerous hours. Yournurse is there for you – wherever and whenever the need occurs.

In your home

  • Support and compassion

  • Helping the family cope and relieve

  • Acute diseases

  • Rehabilitation and recreation

  • Pain-relief and alleviation

  • Managing medication

  • Wound care

  • IV-treatment

  • Terminal care

  • Personal care

  • Nutrition and fluid optimization

  • Psychological and emotional care

  • Visits

  • Professional nurse as facilitator and coordinator

Outside your home

  • Being your spokeswoman during hospitalization
  • Bringing, accompanying and representing the client in connection to hospital stays, doctor consultations, meetings, examinations, treatments and so on.
  • Visiting the client daily at hospital or other treatment center. To the extent possible, also helping with showers, visits to the restroom, personal care and hygiene, nutrition, bed linen, walks and so on.
  • Safe discharge from hospital or other treatment center, which includes preparing the client’s home for their return, providing medications and so on.
  • Accompaniment and perhaps driving in the everyday life outside the home e.g. relating to training sessions, hair appointments, shopping, social activities, walks and so forth.
  • Travelling with the client and also possibly relatives (special arrangement)
  • Nursing care in relation to the client’s work or other professional activities

Do you want to get in contact with us?

Call or write to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and do everything we can to help.

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