Postoperative nursing care

Wound care, rehabilitation in one’s own home and postoperative care.

Postoperative nursing care

You don’t have to be ill in order to need private nursing care: Help making the everyday life work, having company during meals, rehabilitation after admissions, help getting som exercise and getting outdoors. Nurses from PrivateNurse help you with everything, and no task is too small. We render solicitude and professional care inside and outside your home. In Denmark as well as inside/outside Europe.

Wound care

We visit you the day of your return from the hospital. Subsequently we will visit you in the extent you need. PrivateNurse helps you remove your stitches/clips/aggrafes, thus sparing you from a time-consuming trip to the hospital or doctor.

PrivateNurse cleanses, rinses, and changes bandaging. We can help advice and counsel you regarding mobilization and paintreatment. If you need us to stay with you the first 24 hours, so you are not by oneself, this too is an option.

Rehabilitation in one’s own home

Many newly operated patients often wonder what is allowed and recommended once they return home. Being alone can also create uncertainty. Our private nurses can help you with showering and general hygiene as well as guidance and counselling in regard to your diet and cooking. We will support you based on the rehabilitation plan you have from your discharge, or we will prepare one for you in cooperation with a physcial therapist and a doctor. You will also have the option of getting in contact with a nurse via telephone during your hours alone.


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