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Time intervals8 AM – 11 PM11 PM – 8 AM
Monday to Friday at 16.00558,-/h658,-/h
Friday at 16.00 to Sunday778,-/h778,-/h


Terms and conditions

PrivateNurse enters into an individually written agreement with each patient/family, in which the different matters agreed to between PrivateNurse and you, as a patient, are described. PrivateNurse wants to help you in the best possible way, and therefore customizes all processes to your pleasure. Among these are the standard prices for our nursing services, which we base our work on. Other prices are applied to in reference to 24-hour care, terminal care and assistance abroad. Please contact us regarding this. Health services are all exempt from taxes. Payment is calculated by every hour commenced. Unless anything else is arranged, potential cancellations must be warned at least 24 hours prior to the arranged appointment. Failing this, PrivateNurse reserves the right to invoice the full amount of the arranged appointment. In the event of acute need of assistance, PrivateNurse invoices for double the rate the whole day and night. In the case of special tasks, other price rates may be applicable following the preceding agreement between  PrivateNurse and the client in question.

Additional to the actual nursing services, PrivateNurse invoices the client separately for: rate per documented driven kilometers (according to rates by state) and use of various equipment/articles relating to nursing care, which isn’t purchased by the client.

PrivateNurse will in special circumstances encourage the client to explore the possibility of supplements from partly ‘Sygeforsikringen danmark’ and partly insurance- and pension companies in relation to health insurance. In that context, PrivateNurse can inform you that ‘Sygesikringen danmark’ grants a sum of approx. 12.000 DKK in cases of terminal care. To receive this grant, you must get various declarations from your doctor/hospital. Yournurse can help you get hold of these. In all cases we do recommend the client to get in contact with the organizations concerned for any further questions.

When counseling/services are performed, legally a service has been rendered, not a physical article. For that reason, according to Danish legislation, there is no right of withdrawal or other warrant to refrain from payment of the fee agreed upon.

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